Launching Early Access: Sign Up Now

We are excited to announce the launch of our Early Access program. As we build out additional functionality and polish up the product for general availability, we are opening StackHawk up to a limited number of early users. 

StackHawk Finding Details

Here is the TL;DR.

StackHawk is built for developers, helping them find, triage, and fix security bugs before they hit production. Add scans to your development workflow and CI/CD pipeline to ensure that you catch security bugs early. If you are interested in checking it out, fill out the onboarding survey.


The Changelog: The Latest to Kaakaww About

Given that this is our first newsletter, you could say that everything has changed. Here’s a quick rundown of what is included in the limited Early Access launch:

  • Security Bug Scanner: The heart of it all… A single Docker command sends the scanner off hunting out security bugs throughout your running application.
  • YAML Config: Manage configuration through code. Ensure version control and collaboration for your core scanner config.
  • Fix Guides: So you’ve got a security bug? With clear Request / Response payloads pointing to the error and documentation on how to fix, you can remediate in flight.
  • Scan History: See a record of unique scans and their complete findings. 
  • Automation: Add StackHawk to your CI/CD pipeline.

As always, check out our docs for the latest details of how this works.


Other Happenings: Because We Need to Keep Corporate Busy Somehow

🌍 New Website
Check out the new Learn more about the product or sign up for Early Access.

🚙 On the Road at B-Sides SF, RSA, and SnowFROC

This week we dropped in on B-Sides SF and RSA DevSecOps Day. Next week, we will be at SnowFROC in Denver. Come find us at an event – we would love to chat and hook you up with a T-shirt. If you aren’t going to be able to join us at an event but still want some cool swag, drop us a line at

❤️ Give Us Some Love
As an early stage software company, good word of mouth is one of the best things we can get. If you know anyone who should join us in this mission of developer first security, please send them our way. Or we’d love for you to share about our upcoming Early Access launch on social media. We are grateful for your support!