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Thanks for checking us out at Jamstack Conf. We are here to help engineers find and fix application security bugs before they hit production. StackHawk makes it simple to add dynamic application security tests to your CI pipeline. Enter below for:
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Application Security Built for DevOps

your app

Find security bugs in your app with
a single docker command.

Triage and fix
security bugs

Fix key bugs, add to a backlog, or quiet noise by marking 'do-not-fix.'

Automate in the
build pipeline

Don't let security bugs hit prod. Add StackHawk to your build pipeline.


Security Bug Scanner

Scan your running app for security bugs with a single Docker command.

Bug Triage

Prioritize high risk findings, manage backlog of low risk items, and silence noise of known and accepted risk.

YAML Config

Manage configuration in code, allowing for collaboration, scalability, and version control.

Bug History Coming Soon

See when bugs were introduced across environments, review comments on actions taken, and log resolutions.

Pre-Production Scans

Scan in local dev / test / staging to fix bugs before they become a vulnerability in production.

Scan History

Log of all unique scans and their findings. Audit logs make your CISO happy while you are crushing bugs.

CI/CD Ready

Automate your application security by integrating StackHawk into your CI/CD pipeline.

Fix Guides

Findings include links to fix documentation so you can get back to building features.

Ready for more?

Read the Docs

Get up and running in less than an hour. Build the config file and then 

$ docker run hawkscan to find your security bugs.

Get Started

Find and fix application security bugs before they hit production. Build your config and run your first scan in less than 15 minutes.

StackHawk proudly supports and is free for Open Source projects.

Want to add StackHawk to your open source project? Get in touch.

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