Onboarding #5:
Integrating StackHawk with
Your Engineering Stack


Ryan Severns|September 2, 2020

Our onboarding guide walking you through how to get started with application security testing with StackHawk.

Getting Started with StackHawk

To help you get started, we have written this onboarding guide with all the tips and tricks about getting up and running with StackHawk. This post covers how to integrate your application security testing with the rest of your engineering stack.

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Your application security testing should fit within the rest of your engineering workflow. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Manage Findings in Jira

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Manage your StackHawk findings with the same tooling you use to prioritize other engineering work. Send bugs to Jira with the relevant details to manage prioritization discussion, and jump back into StackHawk from Jira links to get the details for troubleshooting the bug.

Read our Jira docs for more info.

AppSec Visibility with Slack

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Get notifications in Slack when a scan starts and completes so that you have visibility. Map your StackHawk applications and environments to specific channels so your teams only see relevant information.

That wraps up our HawkTips series to help you get started with StackHawk. Our team is always standing by, however, to help. You can always reach us at support@stackhawk.com.

Ryan Severns  |  September 2, 2020