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Developer-Centric Security. The

Best Thing Since Dark Mode.

Scale Application Security through Engineering

Leading software teams know that application security scales through automation and developer-first functionality. With security shifted left, engineers are notified of new vulnerabilities before they hit production, and equipped for self-service triage and fix. StackHawk is the only dynamic application and API security testing tool built for developers.

Developer-Centric Application Security

StackHawk: Application Security Built for Developers

Automated Security Testing in CI/CD

With security testing automated in the CI/CD pipeline, StackHawk helps your team bake security into every deploy. Engineers are now alerted if their changes have introduced new vulnerabilities.
  • CI/CD Integrations
  • Docker-based scanner
  • Fast scan performance
  • Microservice & API testing
automated appsec in cicd

Simple Self-Service Fixes

When a new vulnerability is introduced, engineers have all of the information they need to triage and fix at their fingertips. StackHawk makes self-service application security a reality.
  • Request / response evidence
  • cURL command recreation of findings
  • Vulnerability overviews and fix documentation
  • Run scans locally to check changes
self serve appsec for developers

Security Testing, Now Part of the Dev Workflow

Make security simple and you will deliver secure applications. With StackHawk, application security testing is integrated into existing developer workflows.
  • Alert on scans and findings in chat tools
  • Manage findings in existing ticketing systems
  • Self service fix documentation
  • Manage configuration as code
appsec for developers

The Proof is in the Product

Built for Developers is more than a marketing tagline. Sign up for a free account today and see why leading engineering teams are choosing StackHawk for application security.

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