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Application Security at the Speed of DevOps

Today’s environment of incremental changes deployed frequently requires a different approach to application security testing. Penetration tests and scheduled production scans no longer cut it. DevSecOps requires automated testing in CI/CD, notifying developers when they have introduced a new vulnerability, and equipping them for self-services fixes.

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Application Security Automated in CI/CD

AppSec Tests on Every Pull Request

Check for new security vulnerabilities with each change with StackHawk. With automated testing in CI/CD, you will no longer ship to production blind to any potential security risks.
  • CI/CD Integrations
  • Docker-based scanner
  • Fast scan performance
  • Microservice & API testing
Github security automated on every pull request

Shortened Time to Fix

Fix new vulnerabilities while in context of the code that was being worked on, before they hit production. No more finding bugs weeks after they’ve hit production, trying to figure out which team introduced the vulnerability.
  • Request / response evidence
  • cURL command recreation of findings
  • Vulnerability overviews and fix documentation
  • Run scans locally to check changes
security automated shortened time to fix

Smaller Scan Increments

Test underlying services and APIs instead of your production facing application. Get faster scan performance, clearer scope of fixes, and better team alignment. Application security that aligns with your application architecture.
  • Microservice testing
  • REST API testing (with swagger docs)
  • GraphQL API testing
  • Single page application tests
automated devsecops smaller scan increments

Security as a Developer Tool

DevSecOps requires security distributed throughout the engineering team. With configuration as code, DevOps pipeline automation, and self-service functionality, application security is now a developer tool.
  • Alert on scans and findings in chat tools
  • Manage findings in existing ticketing systems
  • Self service fix documentation
  • Manage configuration as code
automated devsecops smaller scan increments

Application Security Should be Automated in CI/CD

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What to Look for in Dynamic Application Security Testing Tools

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