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Test Early, Test Often, Deliver Secure Applications

Like any other aspect of software engineering, accruing security tech debt is easy. With automated application security testing, however, teams are able to get ahead of the tech debt burden and deliver securely from the beginning. When developers are notified of a newly introduced vulnerability on the pull request, fixes are simple while still in context of the code they were working on.

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Developer Friendly Config and Deploy

Getting started with application security testing is simple with StackHawk. Build the YAML config and kick off a scan with a Docker command. No need to become an application security expert and learn new tooling.
  • YAML configuration as code
  • Docker-based scanner
  • Scan anywhere, from localhost to CI/CD
  • Microservice and API scanning
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Test Automation in CI/CD

Think of StackHawk like any other automated testing. Check for newly introduced vulnerabilities on each release, notifying developers if the build does not pass. Stop counting on developers to remember secure development rules - automate testing instead.
  • Catch vulnerabilities before production
  • Shorten fix times with alerting while in context
  • Democratize AppSec throughout engineering
  • Customizable logic for blocking / passing builds
automated appsec in cicd

Self-Service Fixes

When a security bug is found, engineers are equipped to triage and fix themselves. StackHawk provides an overview of the vulnerability, details on how to fix, and a curl command generator to recreate the same finding.
  • Request / response evidence for findings
  • cURL command generator to recreate finding
  • Localhost scanning to validate fixes
  • Vulnerability overviews and fix guides
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Integrated with Existing Workflows

Security should not be siloed from application development, and tooling should not be either. StackHawk integrates with existing developer tooling and workflows to ensure that finding, triaging, and fixing vulnerabilities is simple.
  • Alert on scans and findings in chat tools
  • Manage findings in existing ticketing systems
  • Automate with CI/CD pipeline integrations
  • Manage configuration as code
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Application Security Should be Automated in CI/CD

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What to Look for in Dynamic Application Security Testing Tools

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