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Developer-first API Security Testing with StackHawk and GitHub

Discover applications and APIs at the source-code level, automate security testing in developer workflows, prioritize and fix security bugs faster.

The StackHawk + GitHub Difference

StackHawk and GitHub work together to help developers find and fix security vulnerabilities in their normal workflows and give security teams full visibility into their entire attack surface. The integration combines the power of StackHawk's dynamic application and API security testing capabilities with GitHub's collaborative platform to introduce a modern developer-first approach to security testing.

What You Can Do with StackHawk and GitHub

Discover Applications and APIs from the Inside Out

StackHawk surfaces repository activity from GitHub to inform teams what applications and APIs exist in their attack surface, where they live in the code base, and who owns the code.

Trigger Tests on Every Pull Request

Automate StackHawk’s security testing in GitHub actions to find and fix vulnerabilities while developers are actively working on the code.

View Test Results Inside GitHub

StackHawk’s Pull Request Checks integrate test results into PR comments so developers can stay on top of relevant alerts without leaving GitHub.

Know Exactly What to Fix First and Where to Find It

StackHawk and CodeQL correlate findings to provide developers with the exact line of code where an exploitable vulnerability exists so they can start fixing without sifting through lines of code.

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