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StackHawk + Microsoft

StackHawk modernizes application and API security by seamlessly integrating dynamic application security testing (DAST) into the development pipeline. Unlike traditional tools that operate at the end of release cycles, StackHawk shifts left, embedding security scans into the CI environment, aligning with the agile nature of software development.

Integrate StackHawk into your Azure Pipeline

Developers are writing and releasing code faster than ever and need an efficient tool for reviewing and fixing security findings. StackHawk automates security testing in your CI/CD pipeline to fit your software development workflow. 

What You Can Do with StackHawk and Microsoft

Discover Applications and APIs in GitHub Repositories

Identify which repos contain applications and APIs to prioritize your security testing efforts and align with who owns the code.

Automate Security Testing in Azure DevOps Pipelines

Automate StackHawk’s security testing in CI/CD to find and fix vulnerabilities while developers are actively working on the code.

Track and Manage Security Findings with Azure DevOps Boards

Track and prioritize security issues alongside other development tasks and projects.

Aggregate API Testing Results in Microsoft Defender

Gain visibility into the security status and performance of your APIs in one dashboard.


Available on the Azure Marketplace

StackHawk is available to purchase via the Azure Marketplace to make it even easier for Azure DevOps customers to purchase and deploy StackHawk via their existing Azure account.

Want to know how StackHawk can improve your API Security and AppSec Programs?

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Schedule time with our experts for a live demo.

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