Secure Your GraphQL APIs

with Automated Testing

Check for GraphQL Vulnerabilities on Every Pull Request

Ship your GraphQL API with confidence that it is secure. With StackHawk, you can catch potential security vulnerabilities before they hit production. StackHawk runs active dynamic testing for common security bugs against the queries and mutations on your API, surfacing issues that your team may have introduced as well as issues introduced by open source vulnerabilities.

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Ship Secure GraphQL with StackHawk

Active GraphQL Security Testing

Test for vulnerabilities in your GraphQL API with StackHawk’s automated security testing. StackHawk runs active tests to surface potential security issues.
  • Simple scans with introspection endpoint
  • Test for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Trusted open source ZAP customized for GraphQL
  • User friendly GraphQL outputs

Automated Testing in CI/CD

Run automated security tests against your GraphQL API in CI/CD. With StackHawk, you can ensure that you catch vulnerabilities before they hit production.
  • CI/CD integrations for easy automation
  • Docker based scanner for ephemeral testing
  • Fast scan performance
  • Microservice & API testing

Fast Tests and Fixes with Federated Scanning

Improve scan times and time to fix by scanning smaller increments of change. Testing federated GraphQL is simple with StackHawk.
  • Simple scanning of federated services
  • Lightning fast API security testing
  • YAML overlays for scalable config
  • Test smaller change units for easier fixes

Self-Service Triage and Fix

Investigating and fixing identified security issues is simple with StackHawk. From overviews to documentation to cURL recreation, developers are equipped for self-service application security.
  • Vulnerability overviews and fix documentation
  • Request and response for all findings
  • cURL command generator to reproduce issue
  • Run scans locally to validate fixes

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