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Ship Secure APIs with Automated Testing in CI/CD

Application architecture has shifted over the past decade, with microservices and APIs serving as the foundation for today’s applications. Traditional approaches to application security, however, have not kept up. Delivering secure applications and APIs requires a modern API security testing tool.

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Meet StackHawk.

The Leader in API Security Testing

With automated tests for API security risks, StackHawk helps surface potential vulnerabilities in your APIs before they are shipped to production. Whether SQL Injection, Remote OS Command Injection, or other vulnerabilities, StackHawk surfaces unintended API security flaws.
  • Request / response evidence highlighting
  • OWASP API Security Top 10 coverage
  • CURL Command finding recreation
  • Always growing open source test suite
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Automated Testing in CI/CD

Check for new vulnerabilities on every pull request. With automated testing in CI/CD, StackHawk ensures that you don’t unknowingly ship vulnerabilities to production and alerts on new issues while still in the context of the code your team is working on.
  • Integrations with CI/CD Tooling
  • Docker based scanner deployment
  • Configuration managed through code
  • Customizable logic for blocking / passing builds
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Testing for Today’s APIs

API security testing requires tooling built for modern application architecture. Whether you have REST, GraphQL, SOAP, or gRPC APIs, StackHawk is the modern API security testing tool. Additionally, by testing the front end and APIs together, your team can hone in on the fix for identified vulnerabilities.
  • OpenAPI specification integration
  • GraphQL and gRPC security testing
  • Clear API request / response evidence
  • Support for microservice scanning
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Fast Finds, Fast Fixes

With automated testing in CI/CD, your engineering team is alerted to any new vulnerabilities with each pull request. Developers can review vulnerability details, request/response evidence, fix documentation and more to quickly triage or fix findings.
  • Vulnerability overviews and fix guides
  • Finding request / response evidence
  • CURL command recreation of findings
  • Finding triage with ticketing tools
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