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Keep your gRPC services secure with automated security testing

Ensure a comprehensive approach to your overall API security strategy. Utilize StackHawk to effectively target and check gRPC application endpoints, identifying unknown security vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive security testing
for gRPC APIs

Where traditional DAST tools fall short, StackHawk enables organizations to effectively safeguard their modern microservices and distributed systems, fostering a robust security posture across their entire application ecosystem while benefiting from the high-performance capabilities of gRPC.

Benefits of scanning gRPC services with StackHawk

StackHawk’s modern platform allows developers to proactively security test gRPC APIs and services by simulating real-world attacks and identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  • Automate security testing for gRPC APIs to quickly find, triage and fix potential security risks
  • Uncover unexpected data interactions and potential vulnerabilities with specific key input values for gRPC API requests
  • Mimic real-world user interactions and potential attack patterns by creating tailor-made test scenarios
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and edge cases unique to your application’s architecture and business logic

Ensure gRPC APIs are resilient against potential threats with StackHawk’s leading dynamic application security testing platform.

Scan your gRPC application using our getting started guide.

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Schedule time with our experts for a live demo.

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