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Accelerating Security with StackHawk:
Reducing Distance, Maximizing Speed


Scott Gerlach|February 16, 2024

Learn how StackHawk makes security testing fast, integrated, and developer-friendly by reducing distance, maximizing speed, and providing tailored solutions.

Hey there, StackHawk fam! Scott here, and today we're diving into why we do things a bit differently when it comes to security testing. You've probably wondered why we don't do scheduled scans from our SaaS platform or offer a hosted scanner. Well, let's break it down, StackHawk style.

1. Reducing Distance: Closer to Your Code

When it comes to dynamic security testing, physical distance matters. Traditional hosted scanners can introduce unnecessary delays due to the distance between the testing engine and your application. Here at StackHawk, we're bringing the testing engine as close to your running application or API as possible. By minimizing distance, we ensure that security scans are lightning-fast and provide real-time feedback to keep your development process moving at warp speed.

2. Maximizing Speed: On-Demand, Instant Results

Nobody has time to wait around for scans queued up in a vendor's scheduler anymore. With StackHawk, you can fire off tests on-demand, or use your own CI/CD scheduling infrastructure (you know your CI/CD can schedule activities, right?) to get instant results any time a developer commits code or deploys apps into QA. You can scan all the things in parallel as needed, no waiting, no delays—just rapid feedback to help you squash those vulnerabilities and ship code with confidence. Speed is our middle name (well, not literally, but you get the idea).

Take it from our friends at One Medical, “The process of scanning the application and integrating with CircleCI was super easy...With StackHawk's CircleCI Orb, teams can quickly add an application security test to the build pipeline, ensuring visibility to any newly added vulnerabilities before the application is in production.”

3. Protecting Credentials: Eliminating Exposure

Now, let's talk about security, because, well, that's kind of our thing. The hardest part of dynamic testing is often authentication. One big advantage of not having a hosted scanner? We keep your authentication credentials right where they belong—in your hands. I definitely don’t want them. With traditional scanners, you're often handing over sensitive credentials to a third party, opening up all sorts of potential risks. By nixing the hosted scanner, we minimize exposure and keep your credentials safe and sound.

4. Tailored Solutions: Customized to Your Needs

Every app is unique, and your security testing should be too. StackHawk gives you the power to customize testing to fit your needs. Whether you're fine-tuning parameters, targeting specific endpoints, or prioritizing critical vulnerabilities, we've got you covered. No cookie-cutter solutions here—just tailor-made security testing to keep your code locked down tight. And by the way, if nightly scanning is what you really need, you can do that too in CI/CD.

4. Seamless Integration: Built for DevOps Velocity

We're all about making security a seamless part of your DevOps workflow. With our API-first architecture and CI/CD pipeline integration, you can automate security testing and catch vulnerabilities early in the game. It's all about minimizing risk, accelerating time to market, and keeping your development process humming along smoothly.

Maya’s experience is a hawksome example of this, “With StackHawk, being embedded in the pipeline it enabled our developers to detect and remediate the vulnerability right away even before any security audits, which reduces the time to remediate to only a few days compared to weeks before the implementation.”

5. Speeding Toward a Secure Future

At StackHawk, we're on a mission to make security testing fast, integrated, and developer-friendly. By reducing distance, maximizing speed, and providing tailored solutions, customers have been able to create secure software without sacrificing velocity. Join us in accelerating toward a future where security is not just a checkbox but a fundamental part of every development cycle.

Ready to experience the speed of StackHawk? Book a demo with our team, or sign up for a free trial today!

Scott Gerlach  |  February 16, 2024

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