StackHawk Announces $100K
Fund Dedicated to Improving
ZAP and the ZAP Community


Joni Klippert|March 8, 2022

DENVER, Colo. – March 8, 2022 – StackHawk, the company making application security testing part of software delivery, today announced a $100,000 fund dedicated to supporting the open source Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) project. ZAP is the world’s most widely used application security testing tool, with millions of users from small security contractors up to large enterprises such as Motorola and Orange Business Services.

The fund’s announcement came from StackHawk CEO and Co-Founder, Joni Klippert, as part of her keynote at ZAPCon 2022 – a user conference that gathers thousands of ZAP enthusiasts and application security experts from across the globe. StackHawk has proudly built its platform on top of ZAP.  

“I am very excited to announce that StackHawk has created a $100,000 fund to support the ZAP community and ZAP contributions,” said Klippert, “As a company that benefits from the great work of ZAP, we believe it’s important to give back and facilitate the ability to grow a larger and more deeply engaged community around ZAP.” 

The ZAP Fund will be used to improve ZAP and its community. A portion of the fund is dedicated to resolving open ZAP issues through a bounty program. The ZAP Core Team has worked with StackHawk to identify issues eligible for bounty. Users can find details about those bounties on the ZAP Fund website, and collect the bounties by successfully merging fixes for tagged issues. 

The ZAP Fund builds on StackHawk’s strong relationship with ZAP. ZAP’s creator, Simon Bennetts, joined the StackHawk team as a distinguished engineer in July of 2020. Since then, StackHawk has served as the presenting partner for ZAPCon while also making technical contributions back to the open source project to make tests more reliable and better suited for the needs of modern developers. 

“An open source project is only as strong as the community that supports it,” said Bennetts. “I feel honored that StackHawk has established this fund to incentivize ZAP users to contribute back, while also providing new opportunities for our community to grow.”

About StackHawk

StackHawk is making application security testing part of software delivery. The StackHawk platform empowers engineers to easily find and fix application security bugs at any stage of software development. With a strong founding team that has deep experience in security and DevOps, and some of the best venture investors in the business, StackHawk is putting application security testing into the hands of engineers. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at

About ZAP

ZAP the world's most widely used web app scanner. It is completely free, open source and actively maintained by a dedicated international team of volunteers. ZAP was created in 2010 to be the first security tool for developers and in 2014 became an OWASP flagship project. The scanner has been rated as a top free security tool and is used by millions of developers worldwide. Learn more at

Joni Klippert  |  March 8, 2022