Application Security Testing
with StackHawk at
DevOps Experience 2021


Scott Gerlach|October 28, 2021

StackHawk makes it simple to automate application and API security testing in CI/CD so developers can find, triage and fix security vulnerabilities before production. With automated testing on every PR, you can be confident that your app is secure. Take a look at my overview of application security testing at DevOps Experience 2021.

This week, I attended DevOps Experience – an event StackHawk sponsored that was focused on the idea of digital transformation. There, I had the opportunity to speak about automated application security testing with StackHawk.

Watch the recording to learn about how to shift application security testing left, the tools that can help you test modern applications, and some of the most common misnomers with dynamic application security testing (DAST).

Scott Gerlach  |  October 28, 2021