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StackHawk and Snyk are Better Together

StackHawk's New Snyk Integration Correlates Dynamic and Static Application and API Security Testing for Faster Fixes

Correlate Application Security Issues Across DAST and SAST

With StackHawk’s Snyk integration teams can leverage the power of DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) and SAST (Static Application Security Testing) to quickly fix the most important application and API security vulnerabilities.

The StackHawk + Snyk Difference
Know Where to Focus

DAST and SAST testing works together to identify the high-priority, exploitable security issues in your code. No more manual correlation across tools, and no other software required.

Rapidly Fix

Quickly identify where the issue exists in your codebase, down to a single line of code. Developers can take action on a finding without extensive research or time wasted trying to identify where it lives in the codebase.

Drive Efficiency

Eliminate context switching across tools and give your team a comprehensive understanding of application and API security issues with a single look. Save time and keep your developers focused on software delivery.

Why Choose StackHawk and Snyk?
Automated Testing in CI/CD

DAST and SAST can be automated in CI/CD alerting developers of security issues early and catching issues before they are shipped to production.

Developer Friendly Functionality

Developer-friendly configuration, fix guidance, and fix validation so teams can address security issues and get back to feature development.

Built for Modern Apps

Snyk and StackHawk were both created for modern apps. Find and fix security bugs in microservices, backing APIs, and modern languages.

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