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Rebecca Warren|September 1, 2020

The Hottest News in the Hawks Nest: All of the latest on StackHawk. General availability release and the latest CI/CD integrations including Jira.

We’re Launching into General Availability

We are excited to announce that StackHawk has officially launched into General Availability. StackHawk was started with the mission of building an application security testing tool for developers. Existing application security tooling is not built for modern teams and cannot keep up with the pace of today’s software development. We have received continuous feedback from engineering and security teams alike that we’ve succeeded in our mission of a developer-centric AppSec tool. Best part is that this is just the beginning – we have tons of great ideas already baked into our roadmap. To read more about our GA launch, check out our announcement blog.

On this day, we would like to extend a special thank you to our early access customers that have been continuously providing us feedback along the way. We are so grateful for your input, your testing, and your support. And as we launch into GA, we are excited to support more customers in our mission of developer-centric application security.

With our GA launch today, we would be incredibly grateful for your support in getting the word out. You can share the news by upvoting us on Product Hunt and HackerNews or posting on your social media of choice. Thank you! 

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

  • GraphQL Scanning Improvements. We’ve added more configuration parameters around GraphQL scanning to give you better control of scan behavior. Check out the docs for more details.

  • Application YAML. Now you can view the latest config file for a given application and environment directly within the UI. Check it out by clicking the kebab on any application in the Applications screen.

  • Bamboo Integration. Add StackHawk scans to your Bamboo pipeline. Check out the docs for more info.

  • Billing Capabilities. We have to keep the lights on around here somehow. …er, we’re all working from home right now, but you get the idea. 

StackHawk + Jira: AppSec in Your Dev Workflow

august-2020-newsletter-img-1 image

In August, we launched our Jira integration, allowing you to push StackHawk findings into Jira. Now you can prioritize your application security bugs with the rest of your engineering work. Additionally, by sending these details to Jira, StackHawk will know that these bugs are being prioritized and will no longer break the build in your CI pipeline for findings that are linked to a JIRA ticket. Learn more about how to integrate StackHawk with your Jira account (it’s easy!) in the blog below.

Read the Blog

Other Happenings: Because We Have to Keep Corporate Busy Somehow

📖  Reading Material

📽 Virtual Events

We had a great time at GraphQL Summit and GitLab Commit this past month, and we have several more events coming up. Swing by our virtual booths at the following events.

📺  HawkTalks

Rebecca Warren  |  September 1, 2020

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