StackHawk Increases Funding to
$4.6M to Shift AppSec into
the Engineering Team


Ryan Severns|March 18, 2020

DENVER, Colo. – Mar. 18, 2020 – StackHawk, the software-as-a-service startup that empowers engineers to easily find and fix application security bugs at any stage of the CI/CD pipeline, today announced that it has closed a $2.5 million financing round. The round was co-led by Costanoa Ventures and Foundry Group, along with Flybridge Capital and Matchstick Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to $4.6 million since July 2019.

Greg Sands, founder and managing partner of Costanoa Ventures said, “StackHawk has assembled a strong team that is delivering high quality, developer centric software. There is a strong pull in the market for developer driven security tooling and early product validation shows that StackHawk is hitting this mark. That is why we’re thrilled to partner with StackHawk on their mission to put application security into the hands of engineers.”  The company has seen strong early momentum and will leverage the capital infusion for continued product development via additional engineering hires.

Along with the financing announcement, StackHawk also announced its limited Early Access program, allowing interested developers to use the product before it is released into general availability. The product is purpose built for engineering teams, enabling them to find, triage, and fix application security bugs before they hit production. Interested participants can sign up for the waitlist at

“The traditional software security model is broken,” said Scott Gerlach, co-founder and chief security officer at StackHawk. “StackHawk is not security for security people. There is a large graveyard of failed security tool rollouts where InfoSec made the purchase, but the tool was never adopted because it doesn’t fit modern development workflows.”

StackHawk is a strong believer that the future of application security lives within the engineering team. The company is leading the charge of shifting application security left, choosing to build for the engineers who will use the products each and every day instead of the security teams that have traditionally led these roll outs. 

“Right now, security is an inefficient bottleneck and developers are left fixing bugs from code they wrote months ago,” said Joni Klippert, founder and CEO of StackHawk. “The structure has to change. We’ve seen this play out before, with ITOps moving into DevOps, and we are seeing the beginning of the same with application security responsibilities moving into engineering.” 

With over a decade of experience building developer tools, including spending the past 6 years building DevOps focused VictorOps from seed to acquisition by Splunk, Klippert and her team are building the best of breed product that enables the shift of application security into the engineering team. Klippert is joined by co-founders Scott Gerlach, chief security officer and former CISO at SendGrid, and Ryan Severns, chief operating officer and former vice president of marketing at JumpCloud. With a deep background in both security and DevOps, the founding team is determined to see this change through.

About StackHawk

StackHawk, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup in Denver, CO, empowers engineers to easily find and fix application security bugs at any stage of the CI/CD pipeline. With a strong founding team that has deep experience in security and DevOps and some of the best venture investors in the business, StackHawk is on a mission to put application security into the hands of engineers.

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Ryan Severns  |  March 18, 2020