September Newsletter:
Datadog Integration,
Onboarding Guide, and More


Rebecca Warren|September 30, 2020

The hottest news in the hawks nest: All of the latest on StackHawk. Weekly Emails, Datadog Integration, and Onboarding Guide.

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

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Check out the latest features we’ve added to StackHawk:

  • Weekly Emails. Account owners will now get a weekly summary of their StackHawk scans. See what scans ran and a summary of findings so you can stay up to date on the state of your applications. 

  • Datadog Integration. We are big believers in allowing you to work where you like to work. Now you can see your application security data in Datadog. Check out the docs to learn more.

  • Keyboard Navigation. Move through your scan results faster with keyboard navigation. Who needs a mouse anyways?

  • Getting Started Improvements. We’ve been optimizing the onboarding process for new StackHawk users, making it even easier to get up and running with application security testing.

StackHawk Onboarding Guide

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If you are new to StackHawk or haven’t fully set up your account, we recently released an onboarding guide to guide you through the process of getting started. Getting up and running is easy, with most of our customers getting from signup to successful scan within 20 minutes.

Learn how to set up your configuration, how to run authenticated scans, how to manage findings, and more! And of course, if you ever have any questions, you can reach us at

Read the Guide

Other Happenings: Because We Need to Keep Corporate Busy Somehow

📽️ Virtual Events

StackHawk is hitting the road… er, the webinar circuit. Lots of places to come chat, grab some swag (we’ll ship it to you!), and learn more about StackHawk. Swing by our virtual booths at the following events.

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Rebecca Warren  |  September 30, 2020