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StackHawk March Newsletter:
New Features, Financing
News, and More


Ryan Severns|March 31, 2020

The Hottest News in the Hawks Nest: All of the latest on StackHawk. Early access, changelog, financing news, and more.

Early Access: One Month In

We launched Early Access at the beginning of the month while most of our work-lives started changing dramatically. We are so inspired by the early use cases of our customers. Punchline: They went straight for CI/CD, and have HawkScan running on every PR. We can’t wait to make this a reality for more customers.

We know that people are settling into their new normal – for some that means you are spread way too thin, while for others it means there is extra time to try out some new technology. If you are in a position of wanting to test new technology, we’d love to have you sign up.

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Sign up for the waitlist at and fill out your onboarding survey to get bumped to the top of the list.

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The Changelog: The Latest to Kaakaww About

After getting Early Access out, we’ve been working with customers to quickly release new features and squash any bugs users find. Thanks for all of the feedback! Below is a list of what we pushed this month:

  • Multiple App Support. We launched Early Access with support for a single app in the platform UI, but have quickly followed with support for multiple applications.

  • App Links in Terminal. Just ran a scan and want to see the full details on a finding? Jump to your scan results in the app to quickly review details and start fixing identified AppSec bugs.

  • Improved Error Reporting. We find that our users get up and running with initial scans within 15 minutes. Though it’s quick, it’s common to bump into a few config errors along the way. We improved error logs from failed scans of your application to help with initial configuration. Also, failed scans and the associated YAML config are stored in the StackHawk app for reference.

  • MOAR CICD. Inspired by how some Early Access customers instrumented HawkScan into their pipelines, we’ve been adding more CI/CD integration documentation. Check it out.

As always, check out our docs for the latest details of how this works.

Read the Docs

Additional Financing Round

In March, we also closed a financing round, bringing our total raised since July 2019 to $4.6M. Foundry Group and Costanoa Ventures led the round, with participation from Flybridge and Matchstick. We are grateful to be partnered with a strong group of investors and are excited to keep pushing out more functionality.

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Other Happenings: Because We Need to Keep Corporate Busy Somehow

📖 Launch of Blog + Latest Content

We just launched our blog. Go check it out! A few posts to go check out:

❤️ Give Us Some Love

As an early stage software company, good word of mouth is one of the best things we can get. If you know anyone who should join us in this mission of developer first security, please send them our way. Or we’d love for you to share about our recent Early Access launch on social media. We are grateful for your support!

Ryan Severns  |  March 31, 2020

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