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StackHawk|November 30, 2021

The hottest news in the hawk’s nest: All of the latest on our upcoming December webinars,  better scan telemetry, and so much more!

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

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👀 Better Scan Telemetry for Troubleshooting

Fast test times are essential when you have StackHawk instrumented in your CI/CD pipeline. Our new Scan Telemetry will help you troubleshoot and optimize your scan times. 

The new telemetry details that we’ve added to the scan plug-in summary allows you to see exactly how long each test is taking for your app, and optimize if your scan is taking too long.

Automating StackHawk in CI/CD

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Adding security testing to the CI/CD pipeline enables engineering teams to catch security bugs early, leading to more efficient fixes and more secure applications. Today’s leading teams have shifted security left, running developer-first security testing programs.

While this is compelling in principle, putting it into action can be a bit more complicated. When should StackHawk run in my pipeline? How do I ensure fast builds while still having sufficient security test coverage.

Our new guide to running StackHawk in CI/CD gives some helpful tips and best practices to optimize your use of StackHawk automation.

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December Webinars with StackHawk

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This December, our schedule is packed with exciting new webinars. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss these events:

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