October Newsletter: Updated
App Creation, StackHawk +
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StackHawk|October 29, 2021

The hottest news in the hawk’s nest: All of the latest on the upcoming StackHawk + Snyk webinar, why we love DAST, and so much more!

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

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Get Scanning Faster with Updated App Creation

Thanks to a re-imagined app creation process it is easier to configure a scan in StackHawk. Users can now specify what type of app they are scanning – like a static site, a dynamic site/SPA, or an API. If applicable, users can also provide a file path or URL for their API documentation. 

With these details, we will provide a custom YAML for your app with all the right options configured and you can get scanning with a single `docker-run` command.

Give the new app creation flow a go with one of our intentionally vulnerable apps.

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StackHawk + Snyk = Automated AppSec in Action

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StackHawk and Snyk are joining forces for a new webinar. This session will dive into why application security testing should be automated, the shift to developer-centric security, and how to implement automated static and dynamic security testing across your CI/CD pipeline. 

The webinar is slated for Tuesday, November 2 at 7:30am PT / 10:30am ET. See you there!

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Why We ❤️ DAST

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StackHawk is DAST (dynamic application security testing) reimagined for today’s engineering teams, with features that alert engineers of potential vulnerabilities on the pull request and enable them to push fixes quickly. 

Whether you are an engineering team looking to roll out application security testing or a seasoned application security expert looking to improve your test suite, learn why we love DAST here at StackHawk.


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