StackHawk December
Newsletter: How to Have a
Very Happy Hawkiday Season!


StackHawk|December 23, 2021

The hottest news in the hawk’s nest and how to have an egg-cellent holiday season.

Owl I Want for Hawks-mas is You 🎄

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Seasons Tweetings! We've had a great year full of exciting changes – more hawks in the team nest, new features, and the return of in-person events where the whole company got together for the first time.

At StackHawk, we’re looking forward to everything that 2022 has to bring. We wish you all a very Happy Hawkidays and an egg-cellent New Year!

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

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StackHawk CLI is Now In Beta

As it works now, users need to install Docker Desktop on their local computer in order to use StackHawk. 

With the new StackHawk command-line interface, devs can install and interact with the StackHawk scanner Hawkscan natively – ​​removing the docker dependency. The CLI will make it even easier to authenticate to the StackHawk platform, validate scan configs, and scan apps.

Can’t wait to try it out? Email now to ask to join the Beta.

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Get Testing Over The Holidays

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If you’re like us, you know the holidays are a great time to play around with new tools and technology. 

Our JS Security Testing Workshop will teach you all about the most dev-friendly security testing tools. This step-by-step walkthrough shows how to easily automate application JS security testing using GitHub actions.

Get ready to roll-up the sleeves of your ugly holiday sweater and get started with automated AppSec testing!

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Other Happenings: Because We Have to Keep Corporate Busy Somehow

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