February Newsletter: Log4Shell
Detection Beta Program,
ZAPCon, and More!


StackHawk|February 25, 2022

The hottest news in the hawk’s nest including the Log4Shell Detection Beta Program, ZAPCon, and so much more!

The Changelog: New Features to Kaakaww About

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📣 The StackHawk Log4Shell Detection Beta is coming in early March!  

As you may know, Log4Shell is a vulnerability that affects the popular Java logging framework Log4j.  

What makes StackHawk’s Log4Shell detection different? Tests are simple to configure with a YAML file and run independently of your normal StackHawk scans so they can execute quickly. Most importantly, instead of just telling you that you have an out-of-date library, we can detect whether your application actually has a discoverable and exploitable Log4Shell vulnerability. 

For more information and to join the Log4Shell Detection Beta program, please reach out to beta@stackhawk.com.

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Learn About Log4Shell

⚡️ The ZAPCon Schedule is Live

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The full schedule for ZAPCon 2022 is now available! ZAPCon is a virtual event, happening on March 8-9, featuring talks and hands-on workshops from application security experts. 

Line-up highlights include: 

  • A keynote from Jim Manico, CEO, Founder, and Application Security Editor at Manicode Security. Jim will be presenting an exclusive talk on The OWASP Top Ten 2021 and ZAP. 

  • Simon Bennetts, ZAP Founder and Distinguished Engineer at StackHawk, will share key ZAP Project Updates.

  • Akshath Kothari, ZAP Core Team Member and Founding Engineer at Levo.ai, will explore Out-of-band Application Security Testing with ZAP.

  • …and so much more!

ZAPCon is completely free to attend. Register now to save your spot.

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ICYMI: The New StackHawk CLI

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Did you hear? In January, we released the first-ever StackHawk CLI.

The CLI is ideal for those looking to integrate StackHawk in their local development environment. The commands available in the CLI provide greater granularity to interact with and configure the StackHawk scanner, all from the terminal.

The CLI is also helpful for teams that are unable to run the Docker version of the StackHawk scanner as there is no Docker dependency. 

Getting Started Guide

Read the CLI Docs

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