StackHawk June Newsletter:
One Medical Chooses
StackHawk, and More!


Rebecca Warren|June 30, 2021

The hottest news in the hawk’s nest: All of the latest on StackHawk including why One Medical chose StackHawk, and so much more.

One Medical Automates AppSec with StackHawk

StackHawk June Newsletter: One Medical Chooses StackHawk, and More! image

One Medical is a technology-enabled healthcare solution that was looking to improve their security tooling. The team wanted the ability to scale application security across the engineering org and equip developers with automated security testing.

One Medical deployed StackHawk and is now saving 15 hours of manual finding review per week. And best of all, security and engineering are working together to fix vulnerabilities. 

Get all the details in the full case study 👇

Read the Case Study

Fixing Vulnerabilities On the Fly 🦅

We’ve been there… You push your latest updates and get an alert about a new type of security bug you haven’t run into before.

What is this vulnerability? What caused it? And how do I fix it?

We wanted to make it easier and faster to find answers to these questions so you can get back to feature development. 

Check out all of our latest resources on how to fix common vulnerabilities:

Bonus: Dive into the blog for detailed guides on each vulnerability based on your tech stack.

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Rebecca Warren  |  June 30, 2021